Tuesday, June 24, 2008

211 Steps Forward

My Hope is back! She's awake a lot more this morning basically for the first time in 3 days getting mad at me, talking a bit, communicating otherwise by note pad, not in too much discomfort (morphine helps with that too). I think we've regained 211 of our lost 212 steps, although we're still hanging in ICU at Tampa General Hospital. I just keep imagining we're really at General Hospital and any minute Felicia (on my list) will come through our giant creeky wood doors to proclaim her love for me. Unfortunately each time it's Matt, our RN, but I haven't given up hope yet on Felicia. Sorry Matt, no Rocky fetish for you (you're probably relieved actually).

No word back on the culture yet, so we don't know what the infection is but her swelling is reducing so they think it's dissipating from the 48 gallons of antibiotics they've poured through her veins. They are still packing her mouth and neck every 6 to 8 hours where the infection is (her neck) and where her tongue flap came loose (her tongue of course). It's cool to watch them pull out the bloody gauze each time they do it, kind of reminds me of the movie Hostel when the chinese ladies eyeball is sticking out from them burning her face off with a blow torch and her friend has to cut it off with scissors. I'd be furious though if after I did all that you just go and jump in front of a train, not cool for future reference with friends that read this. By the way, I don't recommend that movie to Hope's grandmama who I know is now reading my blogs. I do apologize also for the language in the first couple, in hindsight. Every once in a while I slip up use words Kurt taught me growing up.

We still have no idea when we will get out of ICU, but I cannot really see the purpose of us hanging here much longer. It would be great to get into a real room, they are so much more comfortable, the risk of infection or other disease is much less, and it's just depressing here. So many folks don't ever leave ICU, we're just lucky enough to be frequent visitors. Although right now it feels to us like the hotel California from the classic Eagles tune, you can check out any time you want but you can never leave.

The boys are doing great, Nathan at zoo camp each day this week starting today since he was sick on Monday with his buddy Mark. Reese was feeling bad yesterday too but is feeling much better today. He got to hear Mommy's voice for the first time this morning since we ran out Sunday, and he was thrilled. We wish we could be home or at least know when we can go home but hopefully more answers later today or tomorrow. The most important thing is while we can go insane short term we hang here for Hope's long term health and recovery.

Erwin (actually Erin who was recently married and took the name Kolin so her e-mail is now Ekolin so we call her Ecoli and I'm pissed at her friend salmonella that is taking my favorite tomatoes away from me --- wow that was an unrelated rant bad for even me) at my office had a dream Sunday night that she was at a party and Hope was talking just like always and chasing our kids around. That's our dream too, soon to be a reality. The party was probably one of my infamouse scriptures and calculus refresher parties that I'm always throwing to keep up our skills just in case you need to use calculus or differential equations in your every day life. You just can't brush up on them enough I always say. I'm going to work on my food on a stick menu right now, gotta run but it's great to have my Hope back.


Esther said...

Oh, that's wonderful! We can't wait for Hope to be in a regular room so we can visit her. Hang in there, I know the ICU is depressing but you'll be out in no time.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. I called and emailed and no response. Gran called Sunday but did not leave a message. I did get to talk to her today. I was worried because I went by the house with from scratch spagetti for you and the kids to help out Hope. I knew then that something was wrong. Your mom must not have been home yet because I could not reach her either. Then from work I told Todd to check the blog and got my answer. I am so glad Hope is better. I enjoyed the update and just let her know we are sending good thoughts. I let Gran and told her to tell your Mom, if the kids needs some kid's time to call and we can make a play date. Gran said she would keep us in mind. Nothing special just summer with friends-so do not think of it as a favor. Also just my two cents. Please reassure Hope that in my personal opinion I do not think the infection was from the kids. Granted I am not a MD just a nurse that sees stuff like this daily. R

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear she is better!!
You will be back at Home Sweet Home before you know it.

rach, brad, liv and ethan

Anonymous said...

Hang in there,Hope will soon be back home chasing boys, and cleaning.

Glad Hope is doing so much better.

Take care.



Anonymous said...

Hey guys! The boys had a blast at zoo camp. They were all smiles and they looked cute in their camp t-shirts! Hope, so glad you are feeling better and talking again. Looking forward to seeing you back in these parts real soon! Spiros & Jennifer

Life is beautiful... Mostly said...

Wonderful news! I hope you are able to move to a more comfortable room and recover quickly! Love to you both! Jake you are a one in a million man!


Anonymous said...

Jake, I am so glad Hope is feeling better and when you read this I hope she will be in a regular room.

Thanks for the updates. I enjoy reading them and editing some of it as I read!!!!

Hang in there and you will soon be home and everything going well.