Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Great Birthday!

It's official, I'm now 35 years old! And I'm officially Jake's "old lady" for the next 19 days while he remains 34. And you can bet he'll remind me ever day of this fact.

I had a great day. In fact, one of the best birthday's I've ever had. Jake's always a mystery man and I never know what to expect. I woke up yesterday to find bagels and a card waiting me for. The card included an itinerary of the day, but was vague enough that I still didn't have a clue what to expect. I took the boys to school and then to the spa for a facial. I had a gift card from last year and I thought my birthday was a great day to use it up. Then my itinerary instructed me to head home and listen out for a visitor. The door bell rang promptly at 11:00 with a delivery of flowers.

This was huge since it's been 10 years since Jake sent me flowers! I had a boyfriend once who always gave me flowers all the time and frankly it became boring. I much prefer it this way!

Soon after the flowers arrived Jake picked me up for lunch and we had a really nice time, just the two of us. He dropped me back off at home and he headed back to work. My itinerary mentioned another surprise at 1:30 and that my mom was picking the boys up from school so I chilled out on the couch and watched TV until I hear the door bell ring. It's a massage therapist with all the makings of a hot stone massage ready for me. She set up in the house and for the next hour gave me a great massage. This present was another huge surprise because I'm not really a massage person. I've only had a massage one other time and it wasn't that great. This one was fantastic!

Mom, the boys, Ann-Marie, Rob and Cooper all showed up later for an amazing dinner at the Chart House. What a great day. And it ended perfectly with a Chart House Lava Cake and me heading to bed early to rest my tired 35 year old bones.

Thanks for a GREAT birthday, Babe!


Jen said...

That sounds like a fantastic birthday!

AnnMarie said...

i am still dreaming of that chocolate lava cake, it was divine. we had a wonderfule time and we were so glad to share in your day.

Mom Tu-Tu said...

A massage delivered right to your door - now that's the perfect birthday gift! :)