Friday, October 12, 2007


While sitting at the hair salon, reading Glamour Magazine, I came across these two tid bits that made me laugh.....

And yes, I did the unthinkable.....ripped the page out of the magazine when no one was looking, stuffed it into my purse so I could bring it home, scan it in and post it. I promise there was on ad on the reverse side no one would miss!

And this.......

Glamour Asks, Men Answer

The answer to this question: When you first see a woman naked, what are you most curious about?

"Her breasts. With all the advances in bra technology, you never really know how they're going to look" - Ken, 34

Something I've never thought of from a guys perspective, yet so true!


Stacy said...

I'm saving this picture! It might show up on my end-of-the-year e-card :) AWESOME!

Funny about the bra, too! I tell ya what...I need a high-tech one myself. Ugh.

Jen said...

I hope I'm not that comic girl! :)