Friday, September 14, 2007


Practice what you preach...we came in late Wednesday evening from dinner out, it was nearly 8pm and I was in a hurry to get the kids bathed and in bed so they wouldn't be grumpy come morning. Nate runs into the bathroom before I can get there to go potty. When I get to the door, it's locked. Understandable..the kid needs privacy for this kind of potty break. I wait at the door a little irritated I can't get in to at least get the water in tub going. I knock, "You done yet?" He replies, "Not yet." I wait some more, wiggle the knob, "Now?" I hear an irritated Nathan say, "NO." I run go get pajamas and then back to door...I knock and wiggle the handle again. Then Nathan responds in this very grown up manner, "Mom, sometimes you just have to wait for things. You have to have patience and you seemed to have lost yours."
Enough said. I sat down and patiently waiting for him to finish.


Stacy said...

Too funny!!

Jen said...

HA! That'll show you! :)

Daddy-O said...

Nate's last line was awesome! I laugh every time I hear Scarlett say some profound adult sentence. (well at her age they're mostly just phrases)