Monday, August 13, 2007

Week 4

Well, I made it to 3 miles, except I had to stop twice and walk a minute or two to catch my breath. I've been playing around with my speed on the treadmill, hoping to find that perfect pace to make it without stopping. Cheryl and I figured out we have to master the 3 mile run by September 2nd to officially start the half marathon training program.

I've discovered I have a calf muscle, not just a calf. I found it while shaving my leg. I thought to myself, "What is that lump I'm shaving over". I look down and there it was....a muscle. Yippee!

I've dropped 5 pounds so far. I'd love to drop about 5-10 more.

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buhtafly said...

WAY TO GO! 3 miles is awesome!!!