Friday, August 3, 2007

How did you like the hormones?

I'm usually the one who does all the grocery shopping, but recently Jake offered to make a grocery run when we were planning to grill out. I print out my anal shopping list (an excel spreadsheet with our popular shopping items listed by isle), which I'm a bit embarrassed about, but it saves me time and I embrace my over the top organizational skills. I make a note on the list to buy Greenwise (our grocery's organic brand) eggs, steak and chicken breast. I don't make a big production about it, but feel I relayed my point of buying organic.

I'm not completely shocked, but very disappointed when he comes home with the correct eggs, but wrong beef and chicken. I'm so disappointed over this fact that I can't even bring myself to thank him for doing the shopping, but instead argue over his choice of beef/chicken. Honestly, I'm not a complete freak about eating organic, but when I'm at home I like to eat the good stuff and save my hormone consumption for eating out.

After dinner he asks me, "So, how did you like the hormones? How about those antibiotics"? I reply, "Very tasty sweetie, especially the pesticides".

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Jen said...

I feel very ignorant on this subject. Perhaps I need to do some reading on hormones, etc. in food...