Sunday, June 17, 2007


Saturday morning I got inspired to clean and sort through the playroom. Always seems that when there's too many toys and clutter the boys spend less and less time in there. The boys were watching TV while I secretly threw away and put away some of the toys that they haven't been playing with. We'll either do a garage sale or donation at some point, but they'll have to buy into letting some of the toys go which isn't easy for them. They surfaced from the TV just before I was finished and came to the conclusion a leprechaun changed the room around. It was cute. Reese has been playing with Nate's old LeapPad I found up on a shelf and Nate is enjoying a flannel board I made him. I came up the the idea when our library had a flannel board the kids love, then I read how it helps kids develop fine motor skills to work on things vertically and even suggested a flannel board. I'm not the crafty sort, but it seemed simple enough. I made the flannel board and bought some felt sets to go with it.

We had a great Father's Day weekend. We signed Nate up for fall soccer and played at the park, went out for lunch before taking the kids to Snip-its for a hair cut. We usually get the $8 kids cut at Hair Cuttery, but since we were right by Snip-its we sprung for their kids cut, $17. A one time thing, trust me. It's a cute idea, but I can't see paying that when our kids don't mind the no frills cut we're used to getting. We came home and went swimming. I told Nate if he would jump into the deep end of the pool I'd do a cannon ball jump. He was instantly sold on the idea and I found the courage to keep my end of the bargain. Today we went swimming again, this time the deal was a 10 second float for a cannon ball........we both faced our fears. It was fun.

Jake and I watched Dead Girl and Stranger Than Fiction. Dead Girl was different, but good. Stranger Than Fiction put me to sleep.

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