Friday, March 30, 2007

Empty Plate Rule

Kids and I jumped in the pool for the first time this year........still a bit cold, but thanks to the pool heater it was 85 degrees! Jake noted that my stay-at-home mommy work is getting much easier and boy is he right. There is something to say about no longer having a baby. Reese and Nate splashed and played in the pool while I lounged on a chair and read. So relaxing.....I mean very hard work watching those boys. After jumping in with them for awhile we had lunch by the pool.......I love spring. We made the "empty your plate or no desert" rule recently. When I remind Reese of this he promptly dumps the remainder of his lunch onto the table and presents me with an "empty plate". Made me chuckle and then pick up the food and stick it back in front of him. He never did get desert (leftover Halloween candy....seems it will last all year).

Last night after dinner out Reese and I headed home while Jake and Nate ran to Jake's office to pick up some work before coming home. I get a call about a minute after walking in the door. It's Nate crying. Not just any cry, but the cry where you can't catch your breath. Freaked me out. He was crying so hard he couldn't talk. I just kept asking him what was wrong. Finally Jake got on the phone. Said he walked out of his office to talk to someone and when he walked back in a minute later Nate was holding a photo of me Jake had on his desk and crying....said he missed me. It's the first time he's ever done that. Tore me up.

A big "kick cancers ass" goes out to Mr. B, my good friend Ann-Marie's dad, who is having chemo this week. I know you can do it.

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Anonymous said...

thanks Hope...he is kickin' it this week and handling it well :) Ann-Marie