Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Random Happenings

Did you catch Oprah the other day? I'm taking the advise of the 70 year old woman who looked 40, "Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize".

We took the training wheels off of Nathan's bike. We've been out on the front lawn on our "mountain" (OK, so it's just a hump) letting him cruise down as we help him balance. A couple more days and I think he'll have it.

Reese is officially potty trained! This is huge not only for Reese, but for me. I think I do OK on most things, but potty training is a real challenge. Now he tells me when he has to go and I even caught him in the bathroom today, half undressed saying he wanted to do it himself. Hallelujah!

We've been using our fireplace this week. I love it. Our pyro family curls up on the couch and we watch the flames together. The people who owned the house before us didn't use the fireplace the entire 13 years they lived here. I can't imagine that.

Jake has an appointment this week for a vasectomy consultation. We (mostly me) made the decision awhile back that he would be the "altered" one since my poor body has been through enough. So, his big day is near. He's being a real trouper about the whole thing, but certainly not excited about it. Wish him well.

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Jen said...

HAHAH. Poor Jake! :)

Whatever. MEN ARE WIMPS! :)