Friday, February 2, 2007


My sweet husband had a painting done of our new house for our anniversary. I gave him grief at first because we have a rule about no gifts on our anniversary and this is the 2nd year he's broken that rule. However, I must say it is one of the most thoughtful presents I have every received. And what makes it even mom painted it!


Jen C said...

I can't see the pic. Anyone else having this problem?

Jen C said...

Okay, now I can see it. And now I want to move in.

Fantastic job, Trish! Good work Jake!!!

Now...when shall I arrange the movers to come over?

Hope said... is a little piece of heaven. You have to come visit me sometime, anytime.

Anonymous said...

Glad you like the picture. It was quite a challenge to paint it and keep it hid when you came over. Not to mention not slipping and telling you what I was doing when you would call. I really enjoyed doing it for you. Love, Mom/Trish

Anonymous said...

love it! what a great surprise...10 years! God we are getting old...good thing you have the body of a 18 year old :)