Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I NEVER go to the beach, but I thought I'd brave the sticky water and sand and take the kids this morning. We had a blast. We brought home a shell collection that Nathan can't wait to make a crafty masterpiece out of. Got any ideas?

Happy Birthday Kurt!


Jen said...

Make a shell snake!

Stacy said...

hey Hope! How cool are you for adding me to your "blogs I read" list!? (I have REALLY got to update mine - I think a few are broken links and I've got a couple I can take off & several more I need to add!)

How's about the old reliable seashell picture frame? We still have an awesome pic of me and Donnie at the beach framed with shells from that trip. It's sitting right here in the bedroom for me to see every day!

Anna said...

You must go to the beach with Scarlett. Think of it as a day at the spa...sea salt/sand exfoliation and a seaweed wrap.