Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dinner and a Movie

Nathan and I headed to the dentist last week where he once again made the "No Cavity Club". It's very cool, he goes with the hygienist all by himself while I head the other direction with another hygienist and we meet up when we're done. So independent! Afterwards, we met Jake at the Melting Pot for dinner. Nathan had been asking to go to a "fancy" restaurant and we figured since we didn't have Reese with us we would indulge him. We made a pit stop at Yankee Candle where they know Nathan by name and he picked out another candle for his "collection". Not sure where he got his candle fetish........oh, don't worry we never light his, only mine. Dinner was great and Nathan did a good job trying some foods he doesn't normally eat. A big deal for a five year old.

We never watch movies anymore, but this weekend we went all out and watched the World Trade Center, The Lake House and Pulse. I love a good horror flick, but Pulse didn't do anything for me. My good friend Jennifer brought over The Devil Wears Prada, which I hope to watch before it's due back. Seen any good movies lately?

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Jen C said...

I liked The Night Listener. Creepy...and based on a true story.